2000 trees

Time for the second part of my birthday celebrations… 2000 trees 2017!

I first heard about this little festival from a friend  – he’s been 7 times and raves about it. Great music, great atmosphere – and it’s been shortlisted for a best festival toilets award – what’s not to like?

The festival site is tucked away on a farm in the Cotswold hills, an idyllic setting between rolling hills. And trees – there are plenty of jokes about the trees. I’ve been to a few day festivals over the past few years but hadn’t camped at a festival since my last visit to Glasto – a scary 6 years ago. I wasn’t sure how I would cope now that I’m older and slightly less accustomed to roughing it – but I needn’t have worried.

Everything is so close together – you can walk from the main stage back to your tent in 5 minutes! Coming from someone whose only other festival camping experience is Glastonbury, with over an hour’s walk from one side of the site to the other, this was amazing – especially since I was a bit under the weather than weekend and had to return to the tent for an afternoon nap each day!

The festival never felt crowded – there was plenty of camping space, no queues for water in the mornings… minor things for some people but they can really affect your festival experience.

Most importantly: the music! The festival is geared towards indie rock acts but there is still a range of musical styles on offer.  Before coming to the festival I was only really aware of the acts that receive mainstream radio play (e.g. Lower than Atlantis, Nothing but Thieves, Slaves) but we saw a LOT of bands play and I did enjoy some of the heavier stuff, despite being advised to bring earplugs by my ex-bandmate!


Highlights for me:

  • Mallory Knox – Thursday night headliners. I just wish their set had been longer!
  • Vukovi – a Scottish band who were recommended by friend – a little like Paramore. Had them on repeat since!
  • Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes – another recommendation – great frontman.
  • Deaf Havana – the band who I discovered just before the festival and listened to on repeat.
  • The Forest Stage – not a band but a stage in (you guessed it) the trees. It provides a great opportunity to chill out with some more relaxed music in the shade (which we needed after 3 solid days of HOT sunshine. Not that I’m complaining – everyone loves a dry festival). There were some great acoustic performances including a set by my boyfriend’s teenage musical heroes, Hundred Reasons.

Aside from the music there were other bonuses:

  • Food: My favourites were the wood-fired pizza stall and the amazing juice bar. I had some goooood bacon butties too. All tastes and diets are catered for!
  • Short queues to get in! And short queues pretty much everywhere inside…
  • Toilets – were pretty good in my experience – and I’ve experienced some hot stinky portaloos in my time!
  • People – everyone’s here to have a good time – without sounding too hippy, there really was a great vibe.


What would I have done differently? Bring a gazebo!!! Everyone needs shade (or an extra rain cover!).

I loved this festival and hope to return next year! Has anyone else been?


H x

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