The Beauty of Lake Bled

Lake Bled has a reputation as one of Europe’s most beautiful rural landscapes – and it’s beauty does not disappoint.

I spent a very relaxing afternoon here at the end of my city break in Ljubljana.

With the impressive mountain surroundings and charming little island (complete with beautiful church) it’s not difficult to imagine that you have been transported back in time to a fairytale land. From it’s cliff-top vantage point, Bled Castle stands watch over the lake, looking like a Bond villain hideaway. With the water glistening in the sunshine, the lake seems to emit an aura of tranquility. It was one of those sunny days where the enjoyment in the air is tangible.

A walk into the forest on the west side of the lake leads you to a fantastic vantage point where you can survey this fairytale kingdom. It’s extremely instagram-able but there’s no filter needed here – the bright blue colour of the water is breathtaking.

After a circuit of the lake our Slovenian friends took us to sample the famous Bled cream cake – ‘Kremsnita’. This luxurious dessert is not for the faint-hearted – the portion sizes are generous – but it’s definitely a special treat and the perfect way to end a trip to Bled!

Two activities which I’ve seen recommended (but we didn’t have time for) are walking up to the castle and taking a short boat trip over the island. Two excuses for me to visit this beautiful area again one day! For now, here are a few photos to enjoy. Thanks to cherryrissole for being my holiday partner-in-crime on this trip!

IMG_20170521_151801IMG_20170521_152548IMG_20170521_154723IMG_20170521_153350IMG_20170521_162333IMG_20170521_162050IMG_20170521_175803 (2)IMG_20170521_173241 (2)IMG_20170521_192513 (2)

Bled is only a 40 minute drive from Ljubljana and there are plenty of day trips/buses on offer. I visited in May – by all accounts it can get very busy in late summer.

I can’t wait to explore more of Eastern/Southern Europe – the Dalmatian coast in Croatia is high on my destination list…

H x

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