From Ljubljana with Love

After my wonderful week in Iceland a few months ago, I’d caught the travel bug – so I called up one of my friends to arrange another trip ASAP. After a quick scan of a map of Europe we settled on a city break on Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

I’ll admit that that I knew very little about the city or the country before I travelled there; I’d heard good things on the grapevine and seen some lovely-looking photographs which was enough to persuade me to pay a visit.

Ljubljana isn’t a big city – you could easily do the main sights in a day. We had 48 hours in the country and managed to see most of the city twice – once in heavy rain and once in beautiful sunshine! The highlight of the trip was a visit to Lake Bled, about 40 mins drive from the capital. I’ll save the lake photos for another post because I think I photographed it from every angle possible!

I’ve added a few travel details at the end of the post. I was charmed by this city and it’s people – I can’t recommend it enough for a city break! These photos were taken in the old town, from the castle and in Tivoli park. Maybe they will inspire you to plan a visit 🙂




The deets:

  • We stayed in the Central Hotel (not the best decor but clean, comfortable and amazing location)
  • We used Go-Opti for our airport transfers and had a good experience with the shuttle service.
  • Lake Bled is ~40 mins drive from Ljubljana. We were driven by a friend but there seem to be plenty of buses/day trips available.
  • May seemed to be a good time to visit – we had one day of rain but two days of near-perfect sunshine and warmth. I’ve read somewhere online that Spring is a good time to visit both temperature-wise and crowds-wise – our trip backed up that theory. I can imagine the city getting pretty touristy in the middle of summer.
  • Language is not an issue, especially if you look as obviously ‘British’ as we apparently do (confirmed by our Slovene friends)! English is widespread and most menus had French, German and Italian (a co-official language) too.

H x

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