Too many hobbies?

I struggle to sit down and do ‘nothing’. My gran likes to tell me that I’m a ‘do-er’ like my mum. Relax, she says. Don’t look for things to do. But I always need something to work towards and I can never decide on one thing…

A hobby: ‘an activity, interest, enthusiasm, or pastime that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, typically done during one’s own time’. My problem: some of my ‘hobbies’ spill over into not being enjoyable or relaxing – sometimes I have so many that they can feel like a list of chores! #firstworldproblems

Is that just me? Much to my boyfriend’s amusement, I am always working on a project or trying something new. I am one of those people who has a home littered with lists of things they want to try and places they want to visit. Maybe I have too many hobbies..

Dance – top of the list and the most spontaneous activity. I dance almost every day. Even when I feel physically tired after work – I can’t resist the adrenaline buzz that comes from movement. And listening to music. It’s my favourite way to unwind. I’m also trying to work towards getting and improving my flexibility in general, which leads me into…

Pole fitness – Since taking this back up just before Christmas, I’m still loving pole. I always look forward to my class on a Thursday evening – even though it can take me an hour to get to it. And YAY – my X-pole arrived yesterday so now I can get extra practice at home!

General fitness – grouping both my cycling and running here. I’m aiming for once a week each but getting back into cycling after the winter lull is proving mentally challenging. I do the local ParkRun most Saturdays, incentivised by the attendance of  friends/family – and bacon afterwards. I’ve already got a charity fun run, charity cycle and a Monster race lined up this year so I really need to get the miles in…


Piano – I have been playing on and off since the age of 7. After 2 years away from home at university, I missed having a piano so much that I saved up for an electric one which has now moved through 6 houses/flats with me (not without difficulty!). Long (and miserable) story short, I now can’t play for very long without triggering a tendonitis flare-up. I will always love playing though.

Writing/blogging/photography – I love writing, although admittedly I haven’t written much for pleasure since my teens – there never seems to be time! But it’s part of the reason I started blogging. I love the whole creative process of putting a post together, including taking photos. I have a pretty decent camera on my phone and I really enjoy searching for the perfect ‘shot’ when I’m out and about. I’ve toyed with the idea of getting a DSLR for a while but it’s potentially a big commitment both in terms of finance and in terms of time spent learning to use it effectively. And blogging – the biggest stalling block is having to sit down with my laptop. I’m not completely desk-bound in work but I still want to avoid being sat in front of a screen for too many hours of the day. Also, using a mouse is a trigger for my tendonitis so unless I’m careful, blogging = wrist pain!

Reading – there’s seems to be a common theme here – things I did before and after uni! I have always been a voracious reader. I can pick up an average-sized paperback, zone out and finish it in a day. That’s come in handy since joining a book club last year!


DIY and interiors – I just spent a fair chunk of the bank holiday weekend either wielding a drill, a can of spray paint or moving furniture around…

Learning languages – here’s where we start to move into ‘because I think I should…’ territory. I studied French up to A level and over the past 9 months or so I’ve been trying to pick up the language again using the Duolingo app. This free app allows you to practice key words and phrases in chunks, monitoring your progress. I go through phases – some weeks I’ll be really keen and fit in lots of 5 minute practice slots. Other weeks, despite the daily reminders, I struggle to find even 5 minutes of quiet time. Unless I have an incentive, such as an upcoming trip to France, I think I’ll struggle to maintain my progress on this one. The Duolingo app is great though!

Maybe I should focus on one or two activities. But how do you choose when you enjoy them all?!

H x


9 thoughts on “Too many hobbies?

  1. Oh it sounds so familiar! I’m like that too. Apart from having a full-time job and being a wife and mommy, I have my own business, I’m a photographer, since not so long also a blogger and I’m crazy about fitness! I just can’t fully focus on just one thing cause I want them all 😀 24h is not enough…

      1. Yep, stop sleeping would solve the problem, but I love sleeping too much… So it doesn’t make life any easier… Just need a good daily routine and prioritising is important, that’s all. Still working on that… 😉

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