House: Living room update

We’re in the middle of re-jigging our living room. Due to the unusual layout of our house we have two seating areas – this darker room at the front of the house is the cosy TV ‘pit’ and another room at the back of the house is the ‘summer’ entertaining space.

Moving our big sofa into this room gives us more space for entertaining – the catalyst for this move was my sports-mad boyfriend buying a huge new TV and we’ve already hosted a 6 nations (rugby!) night in here!



This is the IKEA Manstead sofa-bed which is still going strong after 6 years – a classic for storage and entertaining!

I love industrial/heritage/’lived-in’ interiors. Unfortunately I don’t live in an apartment in a converted warehouse…

The coffee table is an old farmhouse table from my mum’s family (see how I up-cycled it here). I bought the metal window mirror through eBay last year. My other new ‘dream Manhatten loft’ purchase is this bookcase from Maison du Monde.

The rest of the room is a work-in-progress: the TV is still waiting to be hung on the wall. The sofa is currently hiding a hideous gas fire which we might take out later in the year. The mantelpiece was originally dark stained wood so I’ve used off-white chalk paint to make it less of a focal-point for the time-being.

We’ll see how things go – the new layout has transformed the atmosphere of this room and I’m happy with it for now. Rather than continue tweaking the house I’m tempted to spend some money on a holiday instead! 🙂

H x

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