Sharing the Blog Love

I’ve recently got a few mentions for  blogging awards so I wanted to give a shout out to Fed’s Life and Sophie Samantha – thanks guys, I’ve followed you both for a while and love catching up with your posts! Head over their way and have a read 🙂

Going a bit off-piste, here’s some blog love from me…

A Rosie Outlook is the blog which I credit with inspiring me to create my own little space on the web. I only stumbled across her popular purple shampoo post back in 2014 when trawling the net for platinum blonde hair care tips – and my eyes were opened to blogging! I always return to Rosie’s blog – there’s a variety of fashion and lifestyle content and she writes beautiful standalone pieces which I really enjoy.

A few other blogs I check in on regularly include The Cornish Life (clue in the title, with beautiful photography) and Vintage Reflection (fashion blog – Amy’s style is not actually very similar to mine but I always love her outfits and the enthusiasm with which she writes) These two sites popped into my head straight away but there are many other blogs that I enjoy but just haven’t had time to catch up on recently.

Continuing mainstream, I follow a few higher profile fashion bloggers/vloggers mainly via instagram/youtube, including Samantha Maria, The Anna Edit and Tiny Twisst.

I also have to cross over into the vlogging world to mention The Michalaks: a London-based family who make video diaries and spectacular (and often hilarious) travel vlogs . My boyfriend loves to wind me up by saying I only watch them because I’m broody (not true, although it’s a fascinating, albeit edited, insight into life with a young child). The vlogs have a cinematic quality – each one is beautifully shot and edited. Stef and Hannah are a refreshing pair of voices in the often very glossy world of blogging/vlogging. Why watch a soap or reality TV (I don’t..) when you could watch these guys every week?!

And as for me? I started blogging because I wanted to start writing again. I’ve considered several variations on writing careers in the past and I don’t want to lose the enjoyment that I had from writing when I was younger. Yes, I know this is not groundbreaking journalism or fiction, but writing and designing posts about things I enjoy keeps my creative side ticking over. At the end of the day, I’m glad I discovered the blogging world.

Soooo writing this post actually took ages because when I grabbed the links for each site, I had to have a read 🙂 There are so many other blogs that I could mention here but for now, I need to get some sleep ready for Monday morning!

H x

3 thoughts on “Sharing the Blog Love

  1. Thanks for the mention! I love the michalaks too! You can tell Steph puts his heart into every video. And explains in his latest video how he challenged himself to not just do stereotypical vlogging

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