Home: New bathroom!

It’s the big reveal of our last major house project – the bathroom! I shared my ideas in this post  last year. The main chunk of the work was done in September but as usual, it’s taken months to finish off the details!

We wanted a clean, modern design. To avoid it looking too clinical I added my jazzy tile-effect flooring and touches of natural wood for a bit more colour and texture. My photos aren’t the best, but you get the idea 🙂

My highlights…

The bath! It’s been 5 years since I lived in a house with a bath. We had a huuuuge OAP shower taking up that space before. I’ve been taking full advantage of the new bath – it’s particularly enjoyable on a Sunday evening with some candles, music, bath bombs and maybe a cheeky G&T…

The floor – it looks like tiles but it’s actually lino, picked up online 🙂

The sink – I knew I wanted a wall-hung corner sink to keep the area feeling open while making efficient use of the space. I found this huge designer number in a sale at Bathstore. It’s a beast – our plumber had a few issues fixing it to our flimsy walls but it’s fine for now – just don’t lean on it! (Anyone who comes to stay has a safety briefing before they enter the room!)

Free-standing mirror cabinet – I knew storage was going to be an issue. Despite the boy telling me to ‘just get rid of all your shampoo’, I stuck to my guns – a girl needs space for her products!  In addition to the corner mirror cabinet over the sink (another internet find), I picked up a basic tall mirror cabinet from Ikea (Lillangen). For a custom look, I hacked it by adding some wooden furniture legs picked up on Ebay.




Something for the minimalists and gadget fans out there – we found an extractor fan  with a humidity sensor – it turns on automatically when we’re in the shower. There’s no pull cord and it’s super quiet which makes it a stylish, discreet option.


I really enjoyed planning this room and upgrading it from something purely functional to a space which is both practical and enjoyable. To avoid a repeat of the kitchen saga, we got professionals in to do the plumbing and tiling but the rest of the room was mostly sourced and fitted by us.

We’re telling everyone that the house is now finished but I’m always dreaming of the next project…watch this space 🙂

H x


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