Fitness Goals/ Back on the Pole!

Happy new year! After a crazy busy December, I managed to get a good rest over the Christmas break and I’m back.

After spending the summer and autumn of 2016 cycling and running outdoors, I started to eye up some indoor winter activities – in particular, dance/fitness classes. And a friend’s Instagram lead me to pole fitness…

I actually took classes for almost a year when I first moved to Bristol but took a break to recover from an injury. Lack of time and subsequently moving out of central Bristol meant that I never picked it back up. That was 4 years ago. I’ve now been back on the pole for 2 months and I LOVE IT.

Pole appeals to the monkey-child in me – growing up, I was a tomboy who climbed everything in sight (trees, buildings, cliffs…!). It’s brilliant for strength and flexibility and it’s way more fun (and social!) than the gym.

However, I haven’t exactly been shouting about it to my family – I suspect some of them would get the wrong impression if I mentioned working out using a pole! Whether you call it pole fitness or pole dance, it’s all about strength and control. My aim is to look elegant, strong, graceful – being ‘sexy’ is an optional extra!

My class has gals and guys in a range of ages and sizes. Several of the girls have mentioned how good it is for body confidence. Yes, a skimpy outfit is required for more advanced moves (to grip the pole) but pole makes you focus on what your body can achieve, not what it looks like.

My fitness from cycling, running and Pilates has stood me in good stead and I’m really excited about my progress so far. Lots of the moves involve pushing yourself mentally as well as physically – you have to place a lot of trust in your body and it’s ability to flex and support you.

This year I’m hoping to progress to new inverts and I’m challenging myself to do the splits. I’ve just downloaded the StretchIt app so we’ll see how I get on! I want to end 2017 stronger, fitter and more flexible than before 🙂


H x


11 thoughts on “Fitness Goals/ Back on the Pole!

  1. Oh wow! That’s so awesome! Best of luck with reaching new heights in your fitness goals! I’m also trying to take it up a notch in a lot of ways.


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