Out and About: Christmas shopping in Bath

Yes, we were crazy enough to go shopping in Bath on the Saturday after Black Friday, and yes, it was BUSY. But that’s what happens when your uni mate comes to visit and you happen to live just outside the town you went to uni in. Here’s a few snaps from my weekend, featuring Bath’s Christmas market (wintry sun, mulled wine, shopping…) and my friends’ little dog Ella (who looks like a cross between a fox and a baby deer).

Dreamy houses on Lansdown Crescent
I love this winter light…
You can’t go to Bath and not photograph the abbey…



Pug and Puffin – an adorable doggy-centric gift shop! I bought more presents for my mum’s puppy than for people that day…
Everything a dog could want…how stylish is that mini sofa??
A very patient Ella watched the rugby with the boys
Anthropologie is a dangerous place when you have gift vouchers to spend AND there’s 20% off… feat. my lovely friend Jules and her new hat!
Ella snuggled up after a long day

H x



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