Making an Effort

A little while ago I listened to a radio show discussion about young people, particularly girls, believing it wasn’t ‘cool to be smart’. In my mind, caring about being smart is closely connected to caring about working hard – caring about putting effort in.

I think I’m quite an earnest person. In my teenage years, in the minefield that was high school, studying the relaxed, ‘don’t care’ attitude of some of my classmates was practically an additional subject for me. From what I remember, enthusiasm or passion – shown by anyone –  often resulted in teasing. When did not caring get so cool?

I’m definitely not a teenager anymore, but sometimes I still encounter the same attitudes among ‘adults’. I’ve had a pretty exhausting/frustrating day at work which has also partly inspired this post.If you are someone who puts effort into (almost) everything they do, however insignificant or boring, it’s so depressing to deal with people who can’t be bothered. What’s the point in doing anything in life if you do a half-arsed job?

Anyway, rant over. Hard work does pay off and there will always be someone out there who appreciates what you do, whatever it is. Here’s to enthusiastic people!

Time for some positivity – I’m actually having a pretty good week! Bike training for September’s cycle ride (read what I’m doing here) is going well – cycling the 15 miles to and from work is feeling easier each time. I’m also looking forward to visiting some old uni friends this weekend 🙂

Hope everyone else is having a good week!

H x

4 thoughts on “Making an Effort

  1. I’m exactly the same, if I do a job, I like to do it well. I’m conscientious in all that I do in life as I believe caring about what you do and caring about a job being well done reflects on yourself as much as it does what you’re trying to achieve! I don’t want to be known as the girl that doesn’t care about things, and it really annoys me when I see people that just don’t care at all. Yes, you may be in a job that you have no wish to pursue or are just working for the money but doesn’t mean you can’t put forward a good impression. I mean, goodness, I’m not doing what I wanna do at all but I’ll do all I can to work hard!


  2. That is such a pity. I think we should put so much more focus on being smart than being beautiful. I personally love smart girls. They’re just so much more fun to be around 😉

    But maybe that’s just me wanting to hang with like-minded people. I also always give 100% when I do something. I love working hard and putting effort into the stuff I start.

    Love, Kerstin

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