House: Circular Shelving Unit

#firstworldproblems… In the aftermath of styling your #shelfie, your living room looks like a bomb has gone off in a card/gift shop – you are surrounded by completely random items, most of which my boyfriend would call’tat’. You have also realised that you don’t own enough ‘matching’ items, of the right size, that look good together…

I spotted this little circular shelving unit in the recently opened Tiger store in The Mall (Bristol),while on an impromptu shopping trip. I already had various circular/ hoop shelf DIY tutorials saved on Pinterest but at only £12 I could’t pass this up!



I love items with an industrial/vintage feel and with it’s dark metal frame and slim wooden shelves it looks really striking. The design may not be perfect (the visible fixings detract from the otherwise clean aesthetic) but I love it anyway. The spaces are quite small and uneven which makes styling this a bit difficult. Any tips/ ideas out there?

I finished another set of shelves a few weeks ago and next on my to-do list is some more open shelving for the kitchen. I’m all over shelves at the moment!

H x

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