We beat The Monster!

Rewind back to the middle of April. On a cold, wintry morning, we were attempting to park in a field in the middle of the Oxfordshire countryside,  delayed by a car stuck in the mud. Given the reasons for us being in said field, not an auspicious start to our day….

We were here for the Monster Race – 10K of  mud, icy water and slippery obstacles. Just for fun!13040873_10156907884060220_2688274105778798666_o

These types of obstacle/challenge events seem to have massively increased in popularity over the past couple of years. Even some of my most exercise-shy friends have completed one, even if it’s just 5k for charity. Aside from raising money, we humans seem to love a physical challenge. I guess it’s an escape from our clean and safe existences – many people’s lives are physically easy compared to what they would have been 100 years ago.

This was completely for fun. I joined a team of guys and gals from work and the team spirit was great. I used to be a complete tomboy: up and down trees and frustrating my mum with the grass and mud stains on my clothes. These days I’m much more girly. Aside from the physical aspect of the race I wondered how I’d react to the dirt!



The terrible weather that morning only made the course more difficult. The freezing cold drizzle sapped our energy (and enthusiasm) and the incredibly sticky mud forced you into an unnatural and awkward running style = lots of aching muscles the next day! I have to admit that I skipped the water obstacles on the second lap as I just couldn’t face the icy temperatures.

Despite the cold, it was a lot of fun. There were plenty of laughs and banter on the way around. There were some hilarious wipe-outs from members of our group. In the end one of the my favourite ‘obstacles’ was the waist-deep ‘Bog of Eternal Stench’ – mainly from the amusement of watching my team mates’ faces as they battled through it! I needed two showers to get clean again…


I would probably do the Monster again, although at around £50 (depending on time of booking) it’s not cheap. With any of these events, I would definitely recommend doing it as a team challenge. I’m now on the lookout for another event in the greater London area – the perfect excuse to catch up with one of my old friends.

For a flavour of the Monster race, the official video of our event is here!

H x

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