Learning not to squeeze spots… and other important life lessons

I think I am finally learning not to squeeze spots.

Not the most pleasant intro to a post I know, but I am quietly proud of myself – after 26 years, I am finally learning to control the urge!

So yes, I turned 26 earlier this month and it’s really made me think hard about some things in my life (just to clarify, the spots thing not being one of them!). I’m definitively feeling that last word of the oft-used phrase ‘older and wiser’ – I’m much more able to take a step back and view situations from an outsider’s perspective.

Here’s some other things that I am slowly learning…

  1. Not to get sucked in by advertising/sales/general media that makes my internal voice go “I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE”. I used to have a pretty bad clothes shopping habit, not helped by living in close proximity to some of my favourite stores. The voice of Experience is more able to battle my inner demons when they try to tell me that dress/lipstick/bag will make everyone admire me!
  2. You can’t change men. My boy loves to make various loud and disgustingly noises with his body, and giggle afterwards in a way disturbingly reminiscent of Bart Simpson. He is currently watching sport downstairs, with an empty box of French fancies (his favourite) next to him. “You haven’t eaten them all in one go?!” I exclaimed when I entered the room half an hour ago. Stupid question – I already knew the answer.
  3. Just because someone was rude to you, it doesn’t mean they’re a horrible person. Well, they may be. But everyone has bad days. Smile and don’t judge!
  4. Not to pig out on chocolate. Because it always gets to a point where you’re just not enjoying it…
  5. Don’t say ‘Yes’ automatically. Stop. Think. It’s OK to say No. (I have still have some way to go with this one…)

As they say, life is a learning curve…

H x


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