‘Choose Your Age Category’…

IMG_20150706_204709I am 26.

My birthday was last week and I am now officially in my late twenties. I’ve moved up a bracket in those ‘Select Your Age Category’ questions – In my local ParkRun I am now ’26-30’. Ahh!

Along with my birthday, there were a few other milestones last week: it was my boyfriend and I’s 5 year anniversary, and our 1 year anniversary as home-owners.  I’m not really sure where the time has gone!

A couple of events recently had dragged my focus away from these really positive milestones toward pointless comparisons with other people’s lives. I had several really quite negative moments last week – Why wasn’t I travelling the world? Why didn’t I have a really exciting career? Why wasn’t I going out every other night to wine bars with my girlfriends or throwing impressive dinner parties? (Gawd, I’m really not 21 anymore…) What have I done in the last 5 years to be proud of?

After a lovely weekend away with some old friends I have managed to regain some perspective on life. I can do all of those things – if I want to. But I should do them for the right reasons, and not because I think I should.

Here’s to year number 26!


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