Distressed Coffee Table: Revisiting an old up-cycling project

Now that the majority of the painting and carpeting is done in the house, it’s time to focus on furnishing it.

My parents’ garage is full of old furniture, passed down the generations; my dad is a hoarder and hates to throw anything away. It’s a bit of a treasure trove! When I last visited home I took a quick look around  to scout out any hidden gems.

I came across this cute console table. It was in need of some TLC but I loved the carved legs. 2 years ago I attempted a quick rescue by painting it with some white eggshell wood paint I had lying around. Unfortunately, I have a habit of rushing into projects like this and didn’t think it through. The wood was cold and damp and should have been primed before painting. The legs had also started rot from its stint as a gardening table. In the rush to move into our flat, I had to abandon it again.


I was determined to re-visit it and brought it to our new house a few weeks ago. I decided to try some proper prep work this time (!) and had lots of fun with my new favourite toy, my boyfriend’s mini sander…


Then I chopped the ends of the legs off and voilà ….a distressed coffee table!



I will probably prime and paint this at a later stage, but for now, I quite like the distressed effect.

What do you think?

H x


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