Room transformation: Big steps and Small steps

A milestone in the house this week – we finally had the carpet fitted in the back room/extension. This is the largest room in our little house and was covered in a mysteriously stained, moth eaten red carpet when we bought it – I couldn’t wait to tear it up! For the past two months we’ve been living with a bare concrete floor, with a few strips of carpet forming a walkway to the kitchen. But it’s been worth the wait!







I had my heart set on laminate for this room for two reasons; firstly, to deter the moths that had invaded the last carpet, and secondly because it would be easy to clean – the garage door leads onto this room, which is our only access to the garden from the front of the house. But it wasn’t to be…there’s a drop in the floor between the original building and the extension!  We didn’t want to faff around with screeding the floor so decided to go back to carpet. A bit disappointing, but at least the carpet is cosy 🙂

It’s feels great to finally have this room ‘livable’. When I came home to it I spent a good few minutes jumping around the room just enjoying the space!

A small step for me this week was finally getting around to putting some pictures up. I was almost scared to do, in case I changed my mind later. But tonight I thought, ‘life is short – just do it!’and grabbed a hammer. It’s those little things that really make a room feel homely.

H x




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