And just like that, we own a house

The past two months have been some of the most stressful, albeit exciting, of my life.

At the end of June, my boyfriend and I had an offer accepted on a house. A whirlwind (and many would say, mere) 28 days later, we had the keys in our hands and we were officially home owners.

Yes, those ARE grab rails either side of the door…could come in useful after a night out

Getting the keys was a bit of an anti-climax. The timelines were very tight – we had been promised them on a Friday but hours passed without phone call. I fidgeted at my desk, unable to even pretend to do any work. At 4.30 pm we began the drive home, resigned to a weekend of waiting – and then got the call! We raced to the Estate Agents and managed to grab the keys before they closed. Then we went to the house and it hit home what we’d undertaken.

Tip: Do not buy a house from an elderly couple who haven’t cleaned said house for 20 years unless you are prepared for a LOT of work! We had taken the week off work to clean and move in – with hindsight, very naive. At the end of that week, we’d only managed to make two rooms look and feel acceptably clean, let alone start any painting. It was a LOT more than the relatively quick re-decorating job we’d anticipated.

The first two weeks were pretty exhausting and demoralising. Both our immediate families were on holiday or busy with existing commitments so we had to tackle the mess ourselves. The kitchen was fit for an episode of Kim and Aggie and the bathroom a health hazard. The majority of the carpets had to be ripped up and we had a moth infestation.

We had moved out of our rented flat and into my boyfriend’s parents house before the offer was accepted, so there was no pressure on us to move straight in. I am ridiculously glad of that fact, despite the difficulties of living with the ‘in-laws’. It may be a hard slog now but at least we can make the house our own.

Three weeks in: the house looks a bit like a building site but there is light at the end of the tunnel. We’ve started painting (my favourite part!!!!) and the smells of old people are no longer all pervading. I will, of course, post some updates along the way 🙂

Time for some positivity: we actually have a proper big grown up house! After years of renting I am insanely excited to have a blank canvas of my own. And a garden with some slightly spooky gnomes and animals in it…

Guess the creatures…

H x

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