Out and About: Cabot Tower, Hidden Gem of Bristol

Last week I finally visited Cabot Tower. This landmark is only a few minutes walk from my flat but until recently I had no idea it existed – I had never even knowingly seen it, despite the fact that it’s a huge tower on top of a hill! It is largely hidden behind the buildings of Park Street.

I dragged my boyfriend out in an attempt to find it – we turned up several wrong streets before spotting the steep steps onto the hill. It was quite exciting – it really does feel a bit off the beaten track. I don’t remember seeing any signposts. A few steps up the hill and we left the hustle and bustle of Park Street behind.

A cheeky little squirrel!

The tower is set in a peaceful little park area called Brandon Hill. We went straight over to the tower and raced up the narrow, twisty staircase. We were rewarded with an absolutely stunning view over Bristol.

Looking South: The harbourside and over to Southville and Bedminster


Looking East: Will’s Tower and Park Street
Looking West

We have now moved out of the flat and I am so glad that I took the time to take in this wonderful view while it was so accessible to me. I’m a little sad to be leaving the city centre but, fingers crossed, better things are to come soon – and lively Bristol will only be a short drive away 🙂

H x

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