Outfit – Sunshine and Showers

Yesterday my boyfriend and I took a trip around Bristol to check out some of the areas we are looking to buy a house in. The weather was veering wildly between surprisingly warm sunshine and showers with a gale attached, so it was time to layer up. I’ve turned this old black jumper into a cropped version so that it’s more versatile. I love cropped tops and have a few summery holiday pieces but very rarely get the occasion to wear them. Layering them is an avenue I haven’t explored very much so far.


(Oops, shirt is a bit creased – we spent quite a long time in the car hiding from the rain!)

 I think I’ll be wearing this style in work more often – my office always seems to be really cold and this is a great way of keeping warm while still showing off the feature top.

I wore a light blue shirt underneath to keep it summery. I think I’ll be taking a fresh look at my existing wardrobe to see if I can crop anything else!

H x


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