A gorgeous sunny evening – time for a bike ride!

Well, scrap what I said in my last post – we had beautiful sunny weather in Bristol yesterday! My boyfriend and I headed out on our bikes as soon as we got home. This is my bike – fairly girly, it’s white with pink highlights on the wheels!


I purchased it through the Cycle to Work scheme. My boyfriend is a keen cyclist; he and a group of friends cycled from Bristol to Barcelona last summer, raising over £10,000 for MacMillan Cancer Care (but that is a whole other story!). He thought it would be a nice activity to do together so I decided to get in on the action. One of my goals for this summer is to complete my commute to work (a 50 mile round trip with a 5.30am morning start – unfortunately, I don’t work in Bristol!).

As I’m fairly fit already, when I started riding my bike at the beginning of this year I was able to do 15 – 20 miles quite easily. However, it wasn’t so easy on my knees! I ended up with a knee injury requiring physiotherapy. I’ve learnt my lesson; I’m trying to be really disciplined and do my stretches and strengthening exercises as often as I can.

I’m now slowly (and sensibly) building up the miles, so yesterday’s ride was a fairly short and easy route. On our way back we did a quick circuit of the Downs, where I annoyed my boyfriend by wanting to stop and take photos every 5 minutes! It’s such a great open area and I’m lucky to live so close to it. I find open spaces relaxing just by looking at them.


It was also great weather for flying kites…


Hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather!

Hattie x

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